We network with other Richmond and Waimea churches to search out God’s strategies and pursue his plans for building his church in our community and districts.

Richmond and Waimea Churches Statement of Commitment

We believe we are called to be one church, made up of many Church families to serve the One God, Father, Son and Spirit. That the one Gospel of Jesus Christ, affirming Jesus is Redeemer and Lord, may be made known clearly and responsibly to our communities.

We therefore make the following commitment

In our lives as Pastors and Leaders.

  1. We will seek to grow in our intimacy with God and a life anchored in the Bible.
  2. We will seek to grow in our worship and enjoyment of our Sovereign God.
  3. We will seek to grow in Christ-likeness and dependency on the Holy Spirit.
  4. We will learn to embrace the cross of Christ and its implications for our daily lives.
  5. We will grow in our prayer and intercession, listening to the voice of God and actively stand together in the spiritual responsibility for the region.
  6. We will seek personal healing for life’s hurts so that we are ministering out of our healing rather than out of our woundedness.

To the Church at large

  1. We are committed to our unity in Christ as one church made up of interdependent fellowships.
  2. We believe that we are sharers in the common task of proclaiming Christ to a needy community.
  3. We are committed to an openness to and appreciation for all who make up the church – the body of Christ, therefore we shall never publicly criticise another church or ministry within the Association.
  4. Although each fellowship has its own distinctive values and expressions of our one faith in God (as expressed in the creeds) we will affirm and support each other in our common work for the Kingdom of God in this place.
  5. . We commit ourselves to search out God’s strategies and pursue his plans for building his church in our community and districts

To each other as Pastors and Leaders

  1. We are committed to growing in our relationships with each other and that this relationship will be characterised by trust, forgiveness and grace.
  2. We are committed to servant leadership and to minister to each other with support and encouragement in the work of ministry and leadership.
  3. We are committed to standing together as the Spiritual leaders of this community against the principalities and powers of darkness that would seek to divide and destroy the work of God in this place

We therefore commit ourselves to the cause of God and his Kingdom in Richmond and Waimea.