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24/7 Youth Work

24/7 Youth Work is an organization that partners with churches and schools, to provide affordable Youth Workers for the local students within. The Youth Worker’s role is to support ALL students and staff, promote school spirit, development student leadership and be a link between the school and wider local community. This wrap-around care is designed to build long-term relationships with local youth and integrate them into quality support networks.

24/7 Youth Work within Waimea Intermediate School involves one-on-one mentoring, wellbeing activities, support for teachers and school camps/events, being a part of the school pastoral care team and linking students to youth groups.

For example, Gourmet Toast Breakfast Program was set up by the 24/7 team to fill student’s tummies, enabling them to learn at their full potential. A community mural on the Town Hall linked students to the community while developing their creativity and leadership skills.

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Awakening Hearts

Revealing Abba Fathers heart, that you may be secure in His love knowing who He is, your true identity & fulfilled in your purpose.

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Kai with love

Kai With Love is a registered charity offering food support through weekly Foodshare events across the Nelson Tasman region. This is done in a spirit of kindness, without judgment, prejudice or means-testing.
Richmond Community Church has provided a home base for KWL since January 2019 when it was open 1 day a week in Richmond & Wakefield. During Lockdown 2020 Kai With Love was catapulted to working 5-6 days a week with 9 locations where families in need of food support can receive supplementary assistance.
The premises provided by Richmond Community Church allows space for a large Freezer unit parked onsite with a dedicated storage area and working space available inside – this facilitates the sorting, packing and distribution of 6-7 tonnes of food every week.
Kai With Love is grateful for the sponsorship of Richmond Community Church; the assistance of around 100 dedicated volunteers; dozens of generous business sponsors,’several funding organisations; and donations of food & finances from members of the public.
If you or someone you know is in need of Kai With Love, please join our Facebook page.
If you wish to become a volunteer or make a donation, please email [email protected]
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