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Why celebrate christmas?

Why is the birth of someone who was born 2,000 years ago still celebrated by hundreds of millions the world over!

Gallup research polls reveal a wide range of responses on what people think about Jesus Christ. Some say he was an ancient philosopher, a great religious leader, an influential social reformer, a prophet, a good man while others know him as the ‘Son of God’.  In fact he is unique and cannot be compared to anyone else. He is unique in his birth and character, in his teachings, in his works, in his sufferings and death, in his resurrection, in his power to change individual lives, as well as the destiny of nations and much more!  In fact many aspects of his life and death are foretold in amazing detail hundreds, even thousands of years before he was born.

Think about what others have said about him.

Jews who heard him speak, said

“Where did this man get his wisdom?”

An officer who was sent to arrest him said:

“No man ever spoke like this man!”

Pilate who tried him said:

“I find no fault in him!”

A Roman soldier who supervised his crucifixion said:

“Truly this was the Son of God!”

The apostle Paul who had been responsible for persecuting and threatening to murder many of Jesus’ followers, had a dramatic life changing encounter with him and acknowledged:

“He is indeed the Son of God!”

Jesus himself said

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

He was God revealing himself in human form.

What do YOU think?  Who do YOU think he is?  This was a question Jesus himself asked people in his day.

“Who do YOU say I am?”

My challenge is for you to think about it and ask YOURSELF!  This is the probably the most important question you can ask yourself!

Countless numbers through many centuries and in every nation have asked the same question.  I believe that when this quest for the truth is pursued with an open mind, with honesty and with thorough research that the evidence is conclusive! This can be an amazing journey of discovery of who Jesus is and perhaps even more importantly, who YOU are!

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