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Just a thought on death

According to the wisdom of Solomon it’s better to spend your time at funerals than at parties, as death is the destiny of everyone and so it is a wise person who gives death more than ‘just a passing thought!’ Having just attended two funerals this past week, it was a reminder that life is short and so it is important to ‘number our days so that we may grow in wisdom.’

It was C S Lewis that said if you study history, you will find that those who have been the most influential in this life are those who have thought most highly of the next. Think about it!

One person who was one of the foremost authorities on death and dying, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Psychiatrist, researcher and author, profoundly changed society’s attitudes in her ground-breaking book ‘On Death and Dying.’ She concluded “If you live each day of your life right, then you have nothing to fear.” For her she said death was a graduation!

An increasing number of grief experts with years of experience teaching about life and death, have also come to the conclusion that death as we know it, is not the end and are seeing life differently from the traditional belief that life begins when you are born and ends when you die.
Interestingly enough this is consistent with the scriptures which speak of man having eternity in our hearts meaning that there is an inner awareness of the reality of endless life.

Even singer, song-writer Bob Dylan, after giving it serious thought wrote the song ‘Death is Not the End!’

Undoubtedly the greatest authority on death and the ‘after-life’ is Jesus Christ who said; ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying” and for almost 2,000 years we still celebrate his death and resurrection every year, with Easter being the greatest celebration of all, highlighting the fact that death is definitely not the end.

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