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Benefits of laughter

This is now well understood and explained by modern medicine and physiology and studies show that people who laugh more are healthier, sleep better, live longer, have better relationships and make better decisions. Today more people than ever are looking…

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Words have power

Have you ever thought about the power of words? I don’t think we fully realise the power and impact of the words we speak or the words that have been spoken about us or over us!  In fact for most…

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Benefits of right thinking

Thinking is good! It is good to make time to pause and reflect on what is important in life. Too often we can rush in and make decisions we would later regret. Or we can allow fears and worries to…

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Giving thanks

Today as I write this article on the fourth Thursday of November, America is celebrating  ‘Thanksgiving Day’ which is one of the most celebrated days in their calendar and it prompted me to express my thoughts about the benefits of…

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Choices! Choices! Choices! So many options. So many places to go. So many things to do. So many possibilities. So many that at times it can be difficult making a decision especially when everyone has a different preference! It can…

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Depression, mental illness and suicide has now reached epidemic proportions globally, and is of such concern that the United Nations in the last five years acknowledge that it requires urgent attention.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) predict that by the…

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